Plotter Gradient 

Constructing a halftone texture and making a pattern with it. Using the plotter as a tool to generate this into wallpaper.



Black Sheep

Student initiative to call more attention to illustrations within the graphic design field. 

Two foldable zines discussing different forms of tabboo. Including research and interviews.

No. 1 designed together with:
Tamara Oskam, Chayenne Pop, Yunhui Shin and Christiana Steenstra.

No. 2 designed together with:
Danaé Lankhorst, Carmen Pruim, Myrthe Schol, Yunhui Shin, Christiana Steenstra and Tamara Oskam.

Tutti Frutti

Font inspired by fruit and nature using two patterns.

Under construction.

The Ideal Bartender

Re-designed recipe book in a novel form using the limitations one font, one size. Differentiating the recipes from each other by bringing ornaments and footnotes into play. 

Author: Tom Bullock


Research into the Art Nouveau movement and style. Converting the traditional form to my own visual language by exploring different mediums.